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School  Programmes

A time to reflect, a time to discover, a time to plan the future!


Outdoor Education is a time to experience new concepts, new relationships and new feelings.


Adventurama is a sense of awareness, a feeling of importance, and the drive to achieve.

Working alongside schools, Adventurama programmes make possible the outcomes that teachers, parents and students seek in the school curriculum in areas that are best delivered outside the classroom.


Draw on Adventurama's long and broad experience in education and training. Or simply request an activity to be delivered in the safest and most effective means.

Herring  Island  Mystry Adventure

Packed with fun, mystery, teamwork and a huge array of possible educational outcomes, this adventure will stimulate students to look closer at their urban environment in Melbourne. The excitement and thrill of Rafting out to Herring Island is climaxed by a study of the fauna, vegetation and magical history of The Island. Performing a circumnavigation in 6 person rafts, this experience is a great exercise in team building and problem solving. Once on the Island, students will be given instruction manuals to guide them through a series of discovery activities that can be performed in pairs or small groups. As The Island is contained, quite small and well tracked and signed, students may pursue their adventure un-aided by teachers and supervisors, who are then free to move amongst the groups offering guidance and having an adventure of their own!

White  Water  Rafting

Certainly, one of the most popular activities amongst school students, rafting offers the thrills and spills that guarantee adventure! Programmes can be run on the Snowy River, Mitchell River, Mitta Mitta River, Thomson River and the Yarra River close to Warrandyte. Normally, programmes run as a single day or an expedition over any number of days. A feature of rafting is the team spirit that informally develops amongst the paddlers in each boat. Communication is an essential skill to ensure that the team acts in unison and navigates the major rapids. Informal chatter between rapids will often lead to new relationships forming, greater respect for others and some great stories being shared.

Sports Rafting

Sports Rafts are about the size of a canoe but are inflated like a raft. They are ideal for river activities where a full sized raft is a little large or there is a need to power down the river with greater speed than a raft. Normally, Sports Rafts are crewed by two people. There is plenty of room for overnight gear for extended journeys. With the ability to manoeuvre through rapids, bounce off rocks, and remain stable in most conditions, Sports Rafting is an ideal activity for novice school students. We could discuss the team work that develops from Sports Rafting, the bonding of crews, the communication skills that develop between the crew members and throughout the flotilla, however, all Adventurama programmes are exciting and fun, leaving students fulfilled, confident and highly driven.


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Price: $100 per night (including breakfast)

Bushwalking & Trekking

The most common outdoor activity for school students, Bushwalking introduces a world far from a normal domestic environment. A world without TVs, iPods-and-Pads, water taps, stoves and refrigerators! For many, it is an experience of self-sufficiency; away from the support of family and domestic conveniences. No buses, bikes or cars. It is truly a back-to-basics experience in which students discover the essential needs of life! Bushwalking is often associated with endurance and hardship! Crossing rivers, climbing mountains and camping in the rain! Instead, an Adventurama Bushwalk seeks harmony and solace with the natural environment. A Bushwalk should have a destination, a route plan and reflective time to discover and enjoy the world through which the walk transcends.


How often do we set out to achieve a goal but find it impossible to reach it? Sometimes we become distracted along the way and change our focus towards an alternative destination. We may simply lose interest. Or we may find our path to the goal is totally blocked, or a new goal emerges from unexpected circumstances. We soon learn that the 'journey' of life is the key to our self-discovery and happiness. Achieving goals is important to feed our drive, determination and achievement, but our real learning is gained from the path we take to get there. Likewise, Adventurama Journeys are focused more on the path to the destination than the end point itself. Students may experience many activities throughout the Journey, and interact with many concepts, people and challenges. From these, they achieve confidence and self-worth, analytical skills, and a deeper understanding of relationships between themselves and others, the environment in which they live and their place in life.

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Rock Climbing and Abseiling are normally considered a personal challenge. It has taken the encouragement of many to coax some people to work through their apprehension of a rock face. These activities offer most people some challenging moments. Trusting a rope as you lean back on an abseil, planning a climbing route on a rock-face, having faith in a belay, or overcoming the fear of height, inspire us to seek and accept challenges in all areas of our lives. Adventurama is the process of tackling apprehensions and fears, trusting equipment and people and developing the self-confidence to face challenges head-on. Most importantly, Rock Climbing and Abseiling are fun! There is always a rock face that will match any level of experience and demand.

Leadership Skills

Considered the most studied concept on Earth, Leadership has never been defined in absolute terms; nor has a recipe been developed to universally apply its principles. Many Scholars, Trainers, Business Commentators and Outdoor Educators claim to have discovered the secret of Leadership! Should a Leader be defined by their traits, actions or outcomes? Is a Leader simply a person who is 'followed' by others? Can a person be a Leader without followers? Formal training in Leadership is available for senior students, school leaders and those seeking Management and Supervisory roles in current part-time employment and future careers. These may be delivered formally through seminars and on-line courses, or through informal settings such as the Outdoors.

Adventure  Skills

Adventure Skills is a programme that introduces students to the skills required to safely enjoy outdoor education experiences. Skills may be selected from a range of camp crafts, including, preparing meals, cooking on trangias or open fires, tent pitching, first aid, comfortable camping, hygiene, navigation, packing back-packs, and an introduction to activities such as rafting, abseiling, mountain biking and bushwalking. The programme is generally delivered as a rotation through a number of activities with an Adventurama Instructor guiding students and conducting de-briefs. Adventure Skills programmes better prepare students for Outdoor Education programmes in later years. Furthermore, as many schools are viewing Risk Management more seriously, they realise that students should not participate in high risk activities, in high risk environments, without adequate preparation.

Aqua Skills

Can your students self-rescue if a mishap occurs on a school water based programme? Could they survive a flood or a boating accident? Have you trained them in water safety prior to them undertaking a water based programme? If not, you may be legally liable; even if you have out-sourced the programme. Designed for students aged from 10 to 15 years, it provides a fun and safe programme of water safety and rescue in preparation for a lifetime of safe aquatic based activity. Despite an increase in public awareness campaigns and education in water safety, many of us continue to underestimate the dangers that are often associated with aquatic recreation.

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