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Exclusive Tours & International Adventures

Backpacking the seven continents or sailing the seven seas, an adventure is as much about the people you meet and the cultures you experience as it is about your personal challenges.


Foods of nations, fashions of 196 sovereign states, endless languages and dialects, and the values and lifestyles of some 7 billion people makes the World the greatest adventure playground of all. There is so much to see. So much to do. So many things to experience.


No single travel or adventure company could possibly offer every experience to everyone. Adventurama endeavours to offer experiences that suit the discerning traveller who wants to meet the locals in the lands they visit and to sample the lifestyle and culture of that nation.


To ensure safety and diversity of experience, Adventurama often taps into the products and services of other travel companies. These are selected for their appropriateness for our customers and their ability to deliver great experiences.


The Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, the Summer  Palace; China is abundant with amazing man-made  and natural historical sights. Whether it's the history that fascinates you, or the contrasting culture, you'll be awed by your experiences in China.


Whilst many travellers shy away from China, it is a country that will change your perspective on life. Travelling in China needs knowledge and care, so take your first trip with those who know it well.

It is not until you arrive in Thailand that you understand how delightfully polite and humble the Thai people are.


Overlay the vast iconic attractions as you visit in the cities, wallow at the beach resorts or explore rural Thailand, and you have the perfect location to relax and enjoy a culture rooted in trade, Buddhism and beauty.


Bangkok and Phuket are just the beginning. There's so much more to Thailand.


Rich in culture, history and trade, Vietnam is a magnificent destination to holiday. There is something to see and do at every moment; delightfully friendly people, lush country-side and so many foods to try.


Vietnamese tours can be focused solely on the local sites, or can be combined with travel through adjoining countries such as China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia; and of course, the amazing Mekong.


Formally Burma, Myanmar is one of the most picturesque countries on earth. It is hard to describe the unusual icons in this wondrous land. Even Rudyard Kipling described it as a world apart.


Beaches, temples, ancient culture, friendly people, Myanmar will stir many sensations and leave you wanting more. How many of your friends been to Mayanmar (or Burma)? You might be the first; but you won't be the last. It's quickly becoming 'the place to visit'!


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