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About  Us

A Message from the Founder


As a young teenager, my personal adventures began with an interest in the gold fields of the 1800's tucked away in the mountains of Victoria, Australia. To reach these historic sites, my brother and I would drive our early model car into the mountains until a river blocked our progress or the road ran out. We would then backpack or paddle a canoe; taking with us enough gear to last for the days or weeks that we spent immersed in our thirst for history.


I later shared my passion for the outdoors with students whom I had the pleasure of teaching at Geelong Grammar School's Timbertop and Glamorgan campuses.

Tim Sillcock

After leaving teaching, I studied business and began Adventurama. It grew from a small rafting operator to a large outdoor specialist with seven partners, over ninety field staff and eight divisions offering general public tours, corporate training, first aid training, school outdoor education programmes, specialist mountain biking, bike education, a mobile climbing wall, and the hire & sale of giant games.


In 2013, Adventurama was separated from the greater company to be reformed as a boutique specialist business. Adventurama has returned to its former philosophy of providing high-end experiences for discerning people who want the best.


My interest in teaching business courses to students in Chinese and Asian Universities forged some amazing opportunities and experiences in those countries. My personal sense of adventure has shifted from outdoor activities to seeking an understanding and empathy with other cultures and the history of their lands.


As I have in the past, I love to share my passion with people who have the same sense of adventure.


Tim Sillcock

Adventure Travel


Mountains are conquered one step at a time; with huge rewards of views and a sense of dominance. Rivers are enjoyed for their cool and passive allure during the warm months and their raging power during the wintery high waters. International travel is a mix of insight and adaptation as travellers interact with unfamiliar cultures, explore geography and history, and break away from their normal routine.


The key to Adventurama's success has been its mix of challenge and drive for something different. Combined with delightful guides, well-documented quality systems for operations and administration, and listening to our customers, Adventurama has continually refined its customer experience over the past twenty years.


Any Adventure or Expedition organised by Adventurama has the support of a team of experienced guides, and a range of safety equipment; including GPS locators, tracking devices, satellite phones and other emergency resources.

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